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Work in progress, a Wordpress plugin for using paged.js
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Paged WP: beautiful PDFs from Wordpress posts and pages

Paged WP is a very simple, proof-of-concept Wordpress plugin that adds a button to the admin view of Wordpress pages/posts.

Clicking that button opens a preview of the post in a new tab, in which we load only the page content, paged.js, and a custom Paged Media CSS file, so that you can get a rendered paged view and save it to PDF.


There is a lot still to improve here. For now:

  • Paged.js only works properly in Chrome, so you should use Chrome for this, too.
  • You must hard-code the link to your Paged Media CSS in the paged-wp.php file. By default, it loads the template styles from
  • In WordPress, you must use the Classic editor. This plugin does not work with the Gutenberg editor.


We'd like to make it easier to link to and/or add custom CSS, and to clean up the code to be more function-oriented and less procedural. That will depend on our finding time and funding to continue work on it.

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