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DRKWRTR is a very simple writing app I created for myself, mostly to write entries for my blog. While I use the excellent IA Writer for most writing tasks, I wanted something with a more austere feel and just the right amount of formatting features to work with my custom and weird blog format.

DRKWRTR uses Markdown for formatting sanity. Press ALT+e to toggle your text between Markdown source and HTML output. Press ALT+r to wipe your document.

For now, DRKWRTR supports just a single document. It uses local storage on a per-browser basis to save and retrieve your data. It does so automatically once you stop writing. A filled dot in the bottom left corner (desktop)/upper right corner (mobile) indicates a saved document.

Documents can be converted into a publicly visible document with permalink URL by pressing ALT+w. This works for both the Markdown source and rendered HTML. For now, this feature remains in an experimental stage, though

DRKWRTR provides two special URLs to trigger advanced features: /manual resets the document to the manual shown when its run the first time. This overwrites any document content entered at this point. /backup restores the content of a document that was previously wiped by pressing ALT+r.

An instance of the app is publicly running at Simple about page with mission statement currently offline as I lost the domain to a moment of being inattentive.

Plugins & dependencies

I'll happily answer any questions. Feedback is always appreciated, naturally.

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