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The Electric Imp BlinkUp SDK for Android 6.4.5

This repo contains the Electric Imp BlinkUp™ SDK for Android as it is made available to Electric Imp customers. It mirrors the downloadable files hosted by the Dev Center, but in a form that allows developers to add the SDK to their app project repos as a sub-module. This will allow them to pull in SDK changes manually at build time, or automatically through their build scripts.

Sub-module Installation

To install the SDK as a sub-module, navigate to your project repo directory and then enter the following command:

git submodule add

This will add the SDK repo as a sub-module referenced in the file .gitmodules, which will be added if it is not yet present. You can now push your local repo to its origin:

git push origin <working_branch>

To update the sub-module contents at any time, eg. in a build script, call:

git submodule update --remote

BlinkUp SDK Installation

To learn how to add the BlinkUp SDK files to your app project, please see the relevant documentation included with each of the SDK:

Release Notes and Known Issues

Please see the Dev Center SDK page, or the SDK documentation in this repo.

Pull Requests

The BlinkUp SDK repo is considered solely for consumption by a customer’s project. We will not be accepting pull requests made to this repo. If you have support or related questions concerning the SDK, please submit them through your customer account’s Electric Imp Support access.

The BlinkUp SDK is copyright © 2021, Twilio, Inc.


The Android BlinkUp SDK made available for git sub-module usage.