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Full-Featured Plotly Library Example

This example uses all features of the Plotly library to plot data generated from an Electric Imp Env Tail.


The Device code is taken directly from the Weather Station project and sends a table with readings from all of its sensors to the Agent every 5 minutes.


The Agent does the following in a series of nested callbacks:

  • Creates a publicly viewable plot.
  • Registers a function to respond to device data messages.
    • This function generates a Plotly-recognized timestamp and calls the library's post method to append the device data to the plot at the current timestamp.
    • It then prints the Plotly API's response to the append command.
  • Sets the title of the plot.
  • Sets the x- and y-axis labels on the plot.
  • Sets a custom style for the plot that includes marker shapes and colors.
  • Adds a second y-axis to the right of the graph with a label and uses the axis to track two existing data traces.
  • Prints the plot URL to the server logs.
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