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Creates image thumbnails from PDF files
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Creates image thumbnails from PDF files.

Thumber generates thumbnails from your PDFs. You can call thumber using a single tag in your template.

Example usage:

{exp:thumber:create src='/uploads/documents/yourfile.pdf' page='2' extension='jpg' height='250' class='awesome' title='Click to download' link='yes'}


  • src: The source PDF [Required]
  • base: Server path for use with files under different domains, for instance, when using MSM [Optional]
  • width: The width of the generated thumbnail [Default: 84]
  • height: The height of the generated thumbnail [Default: 108]
  • page: The page of the PDF used to generate the thumbnail [Default: 1]
  • extension: The file type of the generated thumbnail [Default: png]
  • link: Wrap the thumbnail in a link to the PDF [Default: no]
  • crop: Where width and height are both specified, crop to preserve aspect ratio [Default: yes]
  • url_only: Return the url of the image only [Default: no]
  • path: Override the base path for images above the web root

Any other parameters will be added to the img tag in the the generated html snippet – so if you want to add an id or class, just add them as parameters.

Optional config overrides:

  • $config['thumber_cache_dir']: Cache dir relative to public root [Default: /images/thumber]
  • $config['thumber_gs_bin']: Ghostscript "gs" binary [Default: gs]
  • $config['thumber_convert_bin']: Imagemagick "convert" binary [Default: convert]

Homebrew users:

Imagemagick/Ghostscript installed with Homebrew will likely be located in /usr/local/bin. If so, use the config override like so: $config['thumber_convert_bin'] = '/usr/local/bin/convert'

MAMP users:

If you get errors complaining about incompatible DYLD libraries, try putting this somewhere before the plugin is loaded (e.g. config.php, index.php): putenv("DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=");


  • This plugin requires ImageMagick (v6.3.8-2 or newer) and Ghostscript
  • You must create a directory for your cached thumbnails to live. Thumber must have permissions to write to this directory. The default directory is specified as /images/thumber

### Todos:

  • Automatically create required directories
  • Improve caching (e.g. add an expiry time to cached images, and run a cache cleanup)
  • Add more parameters, e.g. max_width, max_height
  • Allow for tag pairs as well as single tags
  • Generate thumbnails for remotely hosted PDFs
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