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I3 LemonBar

A functional config for lemonbar to work with i3wm.

lemonbar full


  • Of course, lemonbar

  • Alsa-utils for volume indicator.

  • Conky for CPU, MEM, NET and DISK usage.

  • Curl for gmail alert.

  • Weechat for private messages alert. Bitlbee for twitter and chat protocols integration.

  • MPD and mpc for song info.

  • xprop for focus app indicator.

  • And finally, i3wm

Basically, how it works?

i3_lemonbar.sh bash script read the configuration from i3_lemonbar_config file.

Later, execute the requested apps for the diferent meter sections. The output is redirected to fifo file, adding 3 letters ID for each.

Finally, run a i3_lemonbar_parser.sh that read from fifo, check the ID meter, and converts it with lemonbar format.


  • Change the bar section on i3wm config:

    bar {
        i3bar_command ~./.i3/lemonbar/i3_lemonbar.sh
  • Adjust bar settings editing i3_lemonbar_config. Settings for:

    • Fifo file.
    • Bar geometry.
    • Normal and icon font. Here are my fonts used
    • CPU and NET usage alerts.
    • Colors
    • Specials symbols for separator (powerline).
    • Icons glyps.



Workspace changes are received from i3_workspace.pl perl script.

lemonbar wsp

Focus window title

Window title is received from xprop spy process.

lemonbar title

Time and date

Time and date is received from conky process. Conky config file is i3_lemonbar_conky and refresh meters every 2 seconds.

lemonbar date


Volume is received asking amixer every 3 seconds. If is muted show a cross.

Volume channel can be set in "snd_cha" variable at config file.

lemonbar volume

Net use

ETH and WLAN use is received from conky process. If a interface is down, the section is displayed gray with cross.

Net use alert can be set in "net_alert" var at config file (Kb).

lemonbar net off lemonbar net on

Disk use

Show HOME and / disk use, in %. Meter is received fron conky process.

lemonbar disk

RAM and CPU use

Is received from conky process. CPU use alert can be set at "cpu_alert" var in config file.

lemonbar cpu off lemonbar cpu on

GMAIL unread message count

Is received from gmail.sh bash script using curl. The script is run every five minutes. Less time can block the gmail external check.

The account user and password are read from ~/.private/accounts, example:


lemonbar mail off lemonbar mail on

IRC private warning

Show a count of private messages in weechat and the last nick.

Is received from irc_warn.sh bash script. This script is executed by weechat every time a private message is received.

For this, a beep trigger in weechat must be set with this:

"/exec -bg ~/bin/irc_warn ${tg_date} ${tg_tag_nick}"

For reset the warning, run irc_warn without parameters.

lemonbar irc off lemonbar irc on

MPD song info

Show autor and title of current song. Use mpd and mpc.

lemonbar mpd off lemonbar mpd on