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Electrode Logo

Web Applications with node.js and React

The Electrode project was developed to make node.js and React the primary tech choices for developing applications at Walmart. It has been powering the eCommerce website since 2017.

Originally designed for Walmart specific use cases, we open-sourced part of Electrode with the hope that it will be useful to some of you in the JavaScript community. This is the same version that is used to power many applications at Walmart.

What we open-sourced here is the web application development part of Electrode. It focuses on building web apps with the following emphases:

  • large scale micro-frontend architecture
  • universal webapp with server side rendering powered by node.js

Getting Started

Please go to our docs for further information and instructions on using Electrode.

NOTE: We maintain additional code for internal Walmart systems. If you are a Walmart developer, please check internal docs to get started.


Do you find Electrode useful for your application development, exploring, or learning node.js and React? Please send us your encouragement with a github star.

Did you find an issue? Would you like to help with the project? Please see our contributing guide for instructions on submitting a PR or reporting an issue.


Copyright (c) 2016-present, Walmart

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0