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Electrode Universal React Sample App with material-ui components




Make sure you have installed NodeJS >= 4.x and npm >= 3.x, and clap-cli.

$ node -v
$ npm -v
$ npm install -g clap-cli

Check it out

To try out this ready made sample app, use git to clone the repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/electrode-io/electrode.git
$ cd electrode
$ npm install
$ npm run bootstrap
$ clap samples-local
$ cd samples/universal-material-ui
$ npm install
$ clap dev

Now navigate your browser to http://localhost:3000 to see the sample app with material-ui components.


This app was created with the following steps.

Generate Electrode App

First part of the process is to generate an Electrode Universal App using the yeoman generator. Follow the steps below:

  1. First generate the Electrode Universal App with the following commands:
$ npm install -g yo generator-electrode
$ mkdir electrode-react-sample-material-ui
$ cd electrode-react-sample-material-ui
$ yo electrode
# ... answer questions and wait for app to be generated and npm install completed ...
  1. Run clap dev in the newly generated app
  2. Navigate to http://localhost:3000 to make sure app is working.

Add material-ui

Second part of the process is to add material-ui dependencies. Follow the steps below:

  1. Stop the app and install material-ui dependencies
$ npm install material-ui react-tap-event-plugin --save
  1. Restart clap dev and reload browser to make sure things are still working.
  2. Add material-ui's required font Roboto to src/server/views/index-view.js
  3. Update src/client/styles/base.css with styles for material-ui.
  4. Test material-ui component by adding a RaisedButton to src/client/components/home.jsx
  5. Watch webpack-dev-server update your bundle and refresh browser to see changes.
  6. Add global.navigator.userAgent to src/server/index.js as required by material-ui for Server Rendering.
  7. Watch webpack-dev-server update your bundle and refresh browser to see changes.

Add material-ui Examples

Now we are ready to add some of the material-ui examples to the app.

Note that the examples are written with babel stage-1 which is not supported in Electrode so you might have to rewrite some of them.

Enable tapping

First we have to add the resolution for this issue https://github.com/callemall/material-ui/issues/4670.

Add the following code to src/client/app.jsx

import injectTapEventPlugin from "react-tap-event-plugin";

window.webappStart = () => {
  injectTapEventPlugin(); // https://github.com/callemall/material-ui/issues/4670


IconMenu AppBar example

First add the IconMenu AppBar example by following the steps below.

  1. Copy the source from the example into a file src/client/components/AppBarExampleIconMenu.jsx
  2. Replace the Hello Electrode and the RaisedButton content in src/client/components/home.jsx with <AppBarExampleIconMenu />;
  3. Watch webpack-dev-server update your bundle and refresh browser to see changes.
  4. If the AppBar shows up, click on the right menu button, you should see a menu pops up.

BottomNavigation example

Next add the BottomNavigation example

  1. Copy the source from the example into a file src/client/components/BottomNavigationExampleSimple.jsx
  2. Import the component in src/client/components/home.jsx and add it to render after the AppBarExampleIconMenu component.
  3. Watch webpack-dev-server update your bundle and refresh browser to see changes.
  4. You should see AppBar and BottomNavigation show up. You should be able to interact with the buttons on the BottomNavigation component.

Card example

In this section we add the Card example.

  1. Copy the source from the Card example into a file src/client/components/CardExampleWithAvatar.jsx
  2. Import the component in src/client/components/home.jsx and add it to render after the AppBarExampleIconMenu component.
  3. Watch webpack-dev-server update your bundle and refresh browser to see changes.
  4. You should see Card show up but with broken images

You can replace the image URLs with the full URLs to the images by adding http://www.material-ui.com/ to them to fix the broken images, but we will explore isomorphic images next.

Isomorphic Images

Electrode core comes with isomorphic images support built in using isomorphic-loader. In this section we explore using that feature to load the images for the Card example.

  1. Create a directory src/client/images and copy the following images there
  1. In src/client/components/CardExampleWithAvatar.jsx, import the images:
import natureJpg from "../images/nature-600-337.jpg";
import avatarJpg from "../images/jsa-128.jpg";
  1. Replace the URLs for avatar and CarMedia img src, as follows:
  1. In src/server/index.js, activate isomorphic-loader's extend-require by changing the last line to:
const config = require("electrode-confippet").config;
const staticPathsDecor = require("electrode-static-paths");
const support = require("electrode-archetype-react-app/support");

  isomorphicExtendRequire: true
}).then(() => {
  require("electrode-server")(config, [staticPathsDecor()]);
  1. Watch webpack-dev-server update your bundle and refresh browser to see changes.

Note that you will see the message Warning: Unknown prop onTouchTap on <button> tag. show up on the server side rendering because of the tapping event plugin, which we don't need on server anyways.


Apache-2.0 © Joel Chen