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Light app development tool inspired by a vision from the '80s
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A modest browser-based HyperCard clone with an integrated scripting language

Getting started

Click here to start using ConstructiCard online!

How to build the source code

Install the following software first:

Then run the following commands from a pwsh prompt:

  • git clone
  • cd constructicard/src/C.Gui
  • ./build
  • ./run

Point your bowser to to begin using your local build.

The following helper scripts are provided in the C.Gui directory:

  • build.ps1 — Builds the application without running it. By default the Debug configuration is built. Use the -Configuration Release parameter to build for release instead.
  • run.ps1 — Runs a local Python 3 web server hosting the static files. Open to use the application. By default the Debug configuration is use. Use the -Configuration Release parameter to use the release build instead.
  • format.ps1 — Lightly reformats all source code. Please run this before submitting pull requests.
  • clean.ps1 — Deletes the bin and obj directories which contain previous compilation outputs.
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