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To build Linux or Windows (only if you don't have native dependencies) on any platform:

  1. Run docker container:

    docker run --rm -ti -v ${PWD}:/project -v ${PWD##*/}-node-modules:/project/node_modules -v ~/.electron:/root/.electron electronuserland/electron-builder:wine
  2. Type in npm install && npm prune && npm run dist

    If you don't have dist npm script in your package.json, call ./node_modules/.bin/build directly.

Or to avoid second step, append to first command /bin/bash -c "npm install && npm prune && npm run dist"

If you don't need to build Windows, use image electronuserland/electron-builder:latest (wine is not installed in this image).

You can use / to install npm dependencies and run tests.

NOTICE: Do not use Docker Toolbox on macOS. Only Docker for Mac works.

google-chrome-stable and xvfb are available — you can use electron-builder Docker image for headless testing.