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docs(publisher): add example for GitHub publish target

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@@ -178,6 +178,18 @@ the JS file method mentioned above then you can use functions normally.
| github | Makes a new release for the current version (if required) and uploads the make artifacts as release assets | `process.env.GITHUB_TOKEN` - A personal access token with access to your releases <br />`forge.github_repository.owner` - The owner of the GitHub repository<br />`` - The name of the GitHub repository <br />`forge.github_repository.draft` - Create the release as a draft, defaults to `true` <br />`forge.github_repository.prerelease` - Identify the release as a prerelease, defaults to `false` |

For example:

// Assume the GitHub repository is at
"github_repository": {
"owner": "username",
"name": "repo"

## Custom `make` and `publish` targets

You can make your own custom targets for the `make` and `publish` targets. If you publish them as `electron-forge-publisher-{name}` or `electron-forge-maker-{name}` you can then just specify `{name}` as your make / publish target. The API for each is documented below.

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