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@@ -91,6 +91,25 @@ to do some fancy build tool stuff you should check out the [plugins](https://v6.
section of our docs site. We currently have plugins for Webpack, Parcel and
Electron Compile.

# Contributing

Getting the code base running locally requires the `bolt` command installed globally. An example is given below.

npm i -g bolt
git clone
cd electron-forge
# Installs all dependencies, don't run "yarn" or "npm install" yourself
# Builds all the TS code
bolt build

**NOTE:** Please ensure that all changes are committed using semantic commits, we expose a helper `bolt commit`
to make this easier.

For more information you should check out our [Contributing](CONTRIBUTING.MD) guide.

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That's what I get for writing this on a case insensitive file system

# Team

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