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Access information about media sources that can be used to capture audio and video from the desktop using the navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia API.

Process: Renderer

The following example shows how to capture video from a desktop window whose title is Electron:

// In the renderer process.
const { desktopCapturer } = require('electron')

desktopCapturer.getSources({ types: ['window', 'screen'] }, async (error, sources) => {
  if (error) throw error
  for (const source of sources) {
    if ( === 'Electron') {
      try {
        const stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({
          audio: false,
          video: {
            mandatory: {
              chromeMediaSource: 'desktop',
              minWidth: 1280,
              maxWidth: 1280,
              minHeight: 720,
              maxHeight: 720
      } catch (e) {

function handleStream (stream) {
  const video = document.querySelector('video')
  video.srcObject = stream
  video.onloadedmetadata = (e) =>

function handleError (e) {

To capture video from a source provided by desktopCapturer the constraints passed to navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia must include chromeMediaSource: 'desktop', and audio: false.

To capture both audio and video from the entire desktop the constraints passed to navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia must include chromeMediaSource: 'desktop', for both audio and video, but should not include a chromeMediaSourceId constraint.

const constraints = {
  audio: {
    mandatory: {
      chromeMediaSource: 'desktop'
  video: {
    mandatory: {
      chromeMediaSource: 'desktop'


The desktopCapturer module has the following methods:

desktopCapturer.getSources(options, callback)

  • options Object
    • types String[] - An array of Strings that lists the types of desktop sources to be captured, available types are screen and window.
    • thumbnailSize Size (optional) - The size that the media source thumbnail should be scaled to. Default is 150 x 150.
    • fetchWindowIcons Boolean (optional) - Set to true to enable fetching window icons. The default value is false. When false the appIcon property of the sources return null. Same if a source has the type screen.
  • callback Function

Starts gathering information about all available desktop media sources, and calls callback(error, sources) when finished.

sources is an array of DesktopCapturerSource objects, each DesktopCapturerSource represents a screen or an individual window that can be captured.