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ProcessMetric Object

  • pid Integer - Process id of the process.
  • type String - Process type. One of the following values:
    • Browser
    • Tab
    • Utility
    • Zygote
    • Sandbox helper
    • GPU
    • Pepper Plugin
    • Pepper Plugin Broker
    • Unknown
  • cpu CPUUsage - CPU usage of the process.
  • creationTime Number - Creation time for this process. The time is represented as number of milliseconds since epoch. Since the pid can be reused after a process dies, it is useful to use both the pid and the creationTime to uniquely identify a process.
  • memory MemoryInfo - Memory information for the process.
  • sandboxed Boolean (optional) macOS Windows - Whether the process is sandboxed on OS level.
  • integrityLevel String (optional) Windows - One of the following values:
    • untrusted
    • low
    • medium
    • high
    • unknown
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