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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- The Resource ids for messages start from 31750 and for includes
it starts from 31950, make sure they don't overlap when the limit
exceeds in //tools/gritsettings/resource_ids -->
<grit latest_public_release="0" current_release="1" output_all_resource_defines="false"
<output filename="grit/electron_resources.h" type="rc_header">
<emit emit_type='prepend'></emit>
<output filename="electron_resources.pak" type="data_package" />
<release seq="1" allow_pseudo="false">
<messages fallback_to_english="true">
<!-- TODO(deepak1556): Add translations,
check -->
<part file="electron_strings.grdp" />
<include name="IDR_CONTENT_SHELL_DEVTOOLS_DISCOVERY_PAGE" file="${target_gen_dir}/shell_devtools_discovery_page.html" use_base_dir="false" type="BINDATA" />
<include name="IDR_PDF_MANIFEST" file="../chrome/browser/resources/pdf/manifest.json" type="BINDATA" />
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