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build: make CI faster, magic contained within (#21086)

* build: cache the out directory for exact deps hash matches

* chore: generate a target based depshash discriminator

* fix: hash on gn args

* build: share logic on the mac builds

* build: ensure that the mksnapshot binary is built before stripping before zipping

* build: attach the workspace on macOS

* build: optimize the macOS checkout path for testing

* build: fix mksnapshot zip generation

* build: make the mac src cache restore work

* build: v2 out cache

* build: macOS cache restore is just stupidly slow

* build: strip more binaries

* build: attach the out cache to the workspace for macOS builds

* build: allow linux boxes to restore darwin out caches

* build: cat the deps hash target file

* build: ensure that the deps target hash matches on the linux box

* build: do not use host arch in target key

* build: force undefined in the target hash file

* build: only restore out cache when it isn't in the workspace

* build: fix the macOS cache workspace trick

* build: do not double restore

* build: remove the big stuff from the out dir

* build: workaround layer issue

* build: try it back on macOS again but with smaller thingy

* build: macOS needs the out cache now

* build: clean up for omptimal macOS path

* build: use old docker image

* build: idek at this point

* build: we need a deps hash

* build: yeah we need a checkout too

* chore: use testing env on save cache job

* chore: well that should fix the cache key thing

* chore: handle cross-OS path mismatch for src cache restore

* build: use a /portal directory to transfer the src cache appropriately

* build: use the correct docker image

* build: super perms for /portal

* build: increment out cache number

* build: ensure target hash is correct for args + disable pre-compiled headers on macOS

* build: wipe the cross-arch libffmpeg before building Electron
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MarshallOfSound committed Nov 28, 2019
1 parent f09cb11 commit 01f5e9c5c4e557ced01418e3ff76c2e4bb41fd4a
Showing with 322 additions and 149 deletions.
  1. +298 −143 .circleci/config.yml
  2. +1 −0 .gitignore
  3. +11 −5
  4. +12 −1 script/generate-deps-hash.js

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