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docs: update guide on MAS entitlements and export compliance (#17695)

* docs: Convert MAS app groups entitlement value to array

* docs: Update info on MAS encryption export compliance
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## Cryptographic Algorithms Used by Electron

Depending on the country and region you are located, Mac App Store may require
documenting the cryptographic algorithms used in your app, and even ask you to
submit a copy of U.S. Encryption Registration (ERN) approval.
Depending on the countries in which you are releasing your app, you may be
required to provide information on the cryptographic algorithms used in your
software. See the [encryption export compliance docs][export-compliance] for
more information.

Electron uses following cryptographic algorithms:

@@ -257,10 +260,6 @@ Electron uses following cryptographic algorithms:
* RC5 -
* RIPEMD - [ISO/IEC 10118-3](

On how to get the ERN approval, you can reference the article: [How to legally
submit an app to Apple’s App Store when it uses encryption (or how to obtain an

@@ -270,7 +269,7 @@ ERN)][ern-tutorial].

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