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Does atom shell plan to support AMD/RequireJS code in browser scripts?

I tried to run my AMD-based project and I am getting following:

$ ../atom-shell-v0.12.4-win32/atom.exe atomApp
[12016:0513/] Renderer process started
[11164:0513/123139:INFO:CONSOLE(3)] "Uncaught TypeError: Object function require
(path) {
    return self.require(path);
  } has no method 'config'", source: file:///C:/Users/karan_001/code/atomApp/app
/js/config.js (3)

On line 3 of config.js where it erred out, the JavaScript has a call to require.config. Is it conflicting with the CommonJS require definition. I found r.js but looks like its for running node-only projects that are written in AMD, not browser code written in AMD.

Feel free to enlighten me on the subject. Thanks.

@zcbenz zcbenz added the wontfix label May 14, 2014
zcbenz commented May 14, 2014

No there is no plan for supporting it in atom-shell, we are using the exact same module system with node, adding our own extensions would cause confusions.

@zcbenz zcbenz closed this May 14, 2014

I think it is possible to use window.requirejs

ssbb commented May 17, 2014

Works for me with r.js. In this case, the variable names are optimized (shortened) and there is no conflict with the require.

gmr commented May 20, 2014

Just as an aside, I have requiresjs working well by re-assigning require to nodereq before my requirejs config:

nodereq = require

When I need something like ipc or what not, I just use ipc = nodereq('ipc')

julmot commented Apr 18, 2016 edited

I have the same issue using require.config. @jhiggins-thrillist using window.require doesn't solve this for me.

art-ist commented Apr 24, 2016 edited

The Electron Faq documents that case perfectly:

// In the main process.
var mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
  webPreferences: { nodeIntegration: false }

I could take my browser targeting rjs-output as is and my bundled AMD modules as well as excluded local modules now load in electron.

  • dealing with CORS to call the service api,
  • and addng electron specific functionality like filesystem access

had to be done now.

For the latter, adding the following to the beginning of a electron specific index.html. To keep the node-specific require. As this version is (in the browser-tread) only used for electron-specific functionality it seems to be a much better idea to rename this one than digg through all references of the browser-require and rename those.

window.nodeRequire = require;
delete window.require;
delete window.exports;
delete window.module;

I had plenty of troubles getting my require build process to run but electron integration turned out to be super easy and perfectly suported by the docs.
@zcbenz I disagree: it works perfectly (no further plans needed ;). Great cheers to the electron team!


Despite your tips, I'm still getting this error while trying to load RequireJS into my webview which is loaded in a BrowserWindow. Uncaught Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module: function () {

Did somebody make an example repo by any chance?

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