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fix: make 'setParentWindow' compatible under Windows #15775

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fix: make 'setParentWindow' compatible under Windows

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neo291 committed Nov 20, 2018
commit 195d9b264afe0aa550c0dccbd6607a3e86664676
@@ -671,6 +671,7 @@ void TopLevelWindow::SetParentWindow(v8::Local<v8::Value> value,
} else if (mate::ConvertFromV8(isolate(), value, &parent)) {
parent_window_.Reset(isolate(), value);
parent->child_windows_.Set(isolate(), weak_map_id(), GetWrapper());
@@ -1061,9 +1062,7 @@ void TopLevelWindow::BuildPrototype(v8::Isolate* isolate,
.SetMethod("setContentProtection", &TopLevelWindow::SetContentProtection)
.SetMethod("setFocusable", &TopLevelWindow::SetFocusable)
.SetMethod("setMenu", &TopLevelWindow::SetMenu)
#if !defined(OS_WIN)
.SetMethod("setParentWindow", &TopLevelWindow::SetParentWindow)
.SetMethod("setBrowserView", &TopLevelWindow::SetBrowserView)
@@ -989,20 +989,27 @@ void NativeWindowViews::SetParentWindow(NativeWindow* parent) {
xdisplay, GetAcceleratedWidget(),
parent ? parent->GetAcceleratedWidget() : DefaultRootWindow(xdisplay));
#elif defined(OS_WIN) && defined(DEBUG)
// Should work, but does not, it seems that the views toolkit doesn't support
// reparenting on desktop.
if (parent) {
::SetParent(GetAcceleratedWidget(), parent->GetAcceleratedWidget());
wm::AddTransientChild(parent->GetNativeWindow(), GetNativeWindow());
} else {
if (!GetNativeWindow()->parent())
::SetParent(GetAcceleratedWidget(), NULL);
views::Widget::ReparentNativeView(GetNativeWindow(), nullptr);
wm::RemoveTransientChild(GetNativeWindow()->parent(), GetNativeWindow());
#elif defined(OS_WIN)
// To set parentship between windows into Windows is better to play with the
// owner instead of the parent, as Windows natively seems to do if a parent
// is specified at window creation time.
// For do this we must NOT use the ::SetParent function, instead we must use
// the ::GetWindowLongPtr or ::SetWindowLongPtr functions with "nIndex" set
// to "GWLP_HWNDPARENT" which actually means the window owner.
HWND hwndParent = parent ? parent->GetAcceleratedWidget() : NULL;
if (hwndParent ==
(HWND)::GetWindowLongPtr(GetAcceleratedWidget(), GWLP_HWNDPARENT))
::SetWindowLongPtr(GetAcceleratedWidget(), GWLP_HWNDPARENT,
// Ensures the visibility
if (IsVisible()) {
wp.length = sizeof(WINDOWPLACEMENT);
::GetWindowPlacement(GetAcceleratedWidget(), &wp);
::ShowWindow(GetAcceleratedWidget(), SW_HIDE);
::ShowWindow(GetAcceleratedWidget(), wp.showCmd);
@@ -122,7 +122,6 @@ state is `hidden` in order to minimize power consumption.
* On macOS the child windows will keep the relative position to parent window
when parent window moves, while on Windows and Linux child windows will not
* On Windows it is not supported to change parent window dynamically.
* On Linux the type of modal windows will be changed to `dialog`.
* On Linux many desktop environments do not support hiding a modal window.

@@ -1529,7 +1528,7 @@ On Windows it calls SetWindowDisplayAffinity with `WDA_MONITOR`.

Changes whether the window can be focused.

#### `win.setParentWindow(parent)` _Linux_ _macOS_
#### `win.setParentWindow(parent)`

* `parent` BrowserWindow

@@ -2957,12 +2957,6 @@ describe('BrowserWindow module', () => {

describe('win.setParentWindow(parent)', () => {
before(function () {
if (process.platform === 'win32') {

beforeEach(() => {
if (c != null) c.destroy()
c = new BrowserWindow({ show: false })
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