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fix: pass the correct HostPort into the node inspector (backport: 5-0-x) #17439

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Just for now

fix: pass the correct HostPort into the node inspector

Fixes #17348
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MarshallOfSound authored and electron-bot committed Mar 14, 2019
commit 722809e081fb9f54e0fdabc4e8a8336cf63b6d84
@@ -60,7 +60,8 @@ void NodeDebugger::Start() {

const char* path = "";
if (inspector->Start(path, options, env_->inspector_host_port(),
if (inspector->Start(path, options,
true /* is_main */))
@@ -257,6 +257,34 @@ describe('node feature', () => {
child.stdout.on('data', outDataHandler)

it('supports starting the v8 inspector with --inspect and a provided port', (done) => {
child = ChildProcess.spawn(process.execPath, ['--inspect=17364', path.join(__dirname, 'fixtures', 'module', 'run-as-node.js')], {
env: {

let output = ''
function cleanup () {
child.stderr.removeListener('data', errorDataListener)
child.stdout.removeListener('data', outDataHandler)
function errorDataListener (data) {
output += data
if (output.trim().startsWith('Debugger listening on ws://')) {
expect(output.trim()).to.contain(':17364', 'should be listening on port 17364')
function outDataHandler (data) {
done(new Error(`Unexpected output: ${data.toString()}`))
child.stderr.on('data', errorDataListener)
child.stdout.on('data', outDataHandler)

it('does not start the v8 inspector when --inspect is after a -- argument', (done) => {
child = ChildProcess.spawn(remote.process.execPath, [path.join(__dirname, 'fixtures', 'module', 'noop.js'), '--', '--inspect'])

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