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chore: bump chromium to 7dff37844cb3 (master) #18059


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commented Apr 30, 2019

Updating Chromium to 7dff37844cb359ec96a63c4526574ec71138c2ec (lkgr).

See all changes in 1e9f9a24aa12bea9cf194a82a7e249bd1242ec4f..7dff37844cb359ec96a63c4526574ec71138c2ec

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commented Apr 30, 2019

Changes since the last roll:

  • 7dff378 Rename ScopedTaskEnvironment::ExecutionMode
  • 8feb188 Roll src-internal 82a5f720b182..ab95ebe4ffa5 (2 commits)
  • 2faf9f9 Convert Pepper shared memory allocation to the new shared memory API
  • 69a7cfc Remove old loading system health stories
  • c8e9f3d Replace use of std containers with WTF's equivalents in
  • 11d17e9 Roll src/third_party/SPIRV-Tools/src 64faf6d9cb55..32af42616abe (1 commits)
  • 01de9f8 [iOS] New assets for omnibox popup cells
  • 8b4eddf Show Android picker apps in CrOS File selector when it is opened from an Android app
  • 72ab9be Revert accidentally removed CCA metrics flags.
  • c90fd5e Introduce PasswordGenerationState to *PasswordFormManager.
  • 7150d6e Don't promote PWA installation for sites that prefer_related_applications
  • 0fa860d Reland "Reland "PluginVm in FilesApp: set icon and read-only status""
  • 9ba6cf2 Fix CCA mismatch isWindowFullSize state bug.
  • e543fe0 Make ATK text selection API hypertext-aware
  • f710198 Remove old accessibility system health stories
  • be5beb9 Add incognito filesystem API test to browsing data remover browser test.
  • 16a2fa0 Roll src-internal 56f73b3bed5f..82a5f720b182 (2 commits)
  • 286ca2e [Autofill Assistant] Fixed out-of-bounds drawing of autofill assistant payment request.
  • feef6e8 [Files app] ES6 for import_common.js and imprt_controller_unittest.js
  • 874327a Add flag for exposing chrome camera app
  • 938f907 Settings WebUI: Disable spell check toggle when there are 0 languages
  • 4d77ac1 Roll src/third_party/swiftshader 6a12e092091c..8702fa272373 (1 commits)
  • 66ae1f6 Revert "Reland "PluginVm in FilesApp: set icon and read-only status""
  • 64a4835 Revert "Repeat checks for menu items in PluginVm uitest to fix flakes"
  • 54b5696 Convert TraceConfig away from Value and JSONReader deprecated API
  • cd8868b Remove HideUserDataFromIncognitoNotifications feature flag.
  • 481d94e Add SelectFileDialogExtension::SelectFileWithFileManagerParams
  • 2d2e328 Update theme when resetting bubble border for candidate window view.
  • bfc2f27 Revert "Reland "bluetooth: FakeBluetoothChooser impl.""
  • 1a05660 Test client certificate requests in renegotiation.
  • 9b128c5 Roll src-internal b2445baf25b1..56f73b3bed5f (2 commits)
  • bc9ff98 [code coverage] Mirror Linux Tests and Linux Release (NVIDIA)
  • 30ef509 Repeat checks for menu items in PluginVm uitest to fix flakes
  • 3449f76 Update V8 to version 7.6.68.
  • d4f3ca8 Fix null dereference in content::PushMessagingClient::Subscribe
  • 730f515 flags: remove enable-css-fragment-identifiers
  • 66bee59 [SplitSettings] Fix loading errors when optimize_webui=false is set
  • 980ee09 [Picture-in-Picture] Remove shadow DOM support for pseudo class
  • 159bcee Roll src/third_party/swiftshader bfbdd89d1149..6a12e092091c (3 commits)
  • 86bfbff Roll src-internal c47cfd35031c..b2445baf25b1 (2 commits)
  • 8575551 Roll src/third_party/pdfium 6ab92c0dbcb7..c1aefb717810 (3 commits)
  • 43aa537 Roll Fuchsia SDK from 891481473255 to 891478702174
  • 73da6e5 Avoid duplicated ime engine factory activation.
  • 97b3163 Roll src/third_party/webrtc c1187ab34bdf..bc6a4d094fe3 (1 commits)
  • cccfb5f Roll src/third_party/depot_tools e49aed39f094..4ef3221c5d41 (5 commits)
  • 4e09933 Roll src/third_party/catapult 5b26b374b847..2dd550aaf000 (1 commits)
  • 170c853 Remove ChromeDriver extension test
  • 0a366e0 [ios] Use InfobarBadgeButton in LocationBarSteadyView
  • 08ce10c [ios] Scales up the InfobarBanner when tapped.
  • 5cd407b Make PartitionAllocHooks thread-safe
  • b371018 Refactor InitializeContextFactoryForTests() into a class
  • 2d0e570 Fix submit button on parent access view
  • c6789fb DNR: Add documentation for dynamic rules.
  • fa9fb6e Blob: Eagerly complete reading when there are no more remaining bytes.
  • 4e9cb4f Update V8 to version 7.6.66.
  • 01e6856 vk: Fix visual_bounds_in_screen to actually return screen bounds.
  • 7598941 Reland "PluginVm in FilesApp: set icon and read-only status"
  • b35eab1 Roll src/third_party/swiftshader f149d95a5e27..bfbdd89d1149 (4 commits)
  • 45631e8 Explicitly provide image descriptions for image documents
  • a3134b9 Allow download clients to be lazily inflated
  • 5bfe64f Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch master
  • 309fcbe Add ChromeDriver test for bypassed video
  • ef00de3 Parse proto with protozero instead of libprotobuf
  • b03b565 Roll src-internal dd472f4b1bab..c47cfd35031c (10 commits)
  • 5db56c8 Automate WebXR head pose test
  • b40205f Disable DCHECK about subpixel snapping in CompositingLayerPropertyUpdater
  • 75248ca [piexwasm] Verify the CL:1571330 piex.wasm release steps work
  • 0780abc Roll src/third_party/pdfium 1c0142f68df1..6ab92c0dbcb7 (1 commits)
  • 2e495f7 Updating trunk VERSION from 3781.0 to 3782.0
  • b47d061 Decouples AOM string properties from the accessibility tree
  • 85df71b [piexawasm] test extension: use window.Module rather than self.Module
  • 3331efd [Files app] Refactor copy/cut commands
  • 20a2a7b Add flag for HTTP Auth committed interstitials.
  • 3582454 SuperSize HTML: Fix wrong node nesting for classes with no component
  • 63e06b9 SuperSize HTML: Fix multiple "" java parent nodes when filter applied
  • e61cd93 Adds a "fallback" ime engine registered to Ash when IMM switches to an IME that the corresponding ime engine is not ready/loaded yet.
  • 2baebb9 Refactored headless tests to use new Fetch domain instead of Network domain interceptor.
  • 02a6466 Settings WebUI: Hide spellcheck languages if there is only 1 language
  • 2238939 Roll src-internal eefd626db13e..dd472f4b1bab (2 commits)
  • 9d60688 DevTools: Fix two timer chains running in parallel in LiveHeapProfileView
  • 786d887 [remoting][FTL] Make FtlSignalStrategy take unique_ptr to OAuthTokenGetter
  • 8128446 Use IPEStatus as shortcut for ::inspector_protocol_encoding::Status.
  • f47525d [On-device adaptive brightness] Only log metrics for the relevant device
  • 1e5b448 Replace WTF::BitVector with std::bitset
  • 20517ea NetworkService: Allow custom proxy only for navigation and renderer requests
  • 0c6b6ee Roll closure compiler to v20190415.
  • de67446 Update enable hotword logic for power status change
  • c684877 [Chromecast] Update TaskScheduler -> ThreadPool
  • d59fe5d Fix incorrect replacements of base::ResetAndReturn().
  • dc37427 Add msw@ to content/common/cursors/OWNERS
  • c635776 Remove decorator on testTCPBlackhole
  • 3cb0164 Ensure some browser tests pass with --enable-features=AppServiceAsh.
  • 4cda06e Add ChromeDriver test for HTTP subresources on HTTPS pages
  • 8e2718d [iOS] OverlayRequestQueueImpl updates.
  • 0b45f0f chromeos: remove 'SupportedCarriers' property from ONC and shill D-Bus binding
  • 499dd31 Splitting relative motion from pointer lock.
  • f345cd7 Media Controls: Use sizing-large instead of sizing-medium CSS class
  • cb85732 Reland "bluetooth: FakeBluetoothChooser impl."
  • cf3578a AppCache: Add kill switch to remove padding from quota.
  • 4063495 Widen failure expectations for imagemap-focus-ring-outline-color-not-inherited-from-map.html to all platforms.

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@electron-bot electron-bot requested a review from electron/wg-upgrades as a code owner Apr 30, 2019

nornagon added some commits Apr 30, 2019

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left a comment

I'll follow up with a PR to remove the V8 "revert" patches

@nornagon nornagon merged commit 2616911 into master May 1, 2019

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appveyor: win-ia32-testing AppVeyor build succeeded
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build-linux Workflow: build-linux
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electron-arm64-testing Build #20190430.47 succeeded
lint Workflow: lint
release-notes Release notes found

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commented May 1, 2019

No Release Notes

nornagon added a commit that referenced this pull request May 2, 2019

Kiku-git added a commit to Kiku-git/electron that referenced this pull request May 16, 2019

@MarshallOfSound MarshallOfSound deleted the roller/chromium-7dff37844cb359ec96a63c4526574ec71138c2ec-1556629253444 branch May 16, 2019

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