Store crash reports in configured temp dir #7500

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kevinsawicki commented Oct 5, 2016 edited

This pull request updates the crash reporter to store reports in the app.getPath('temp') directory instead of /tmp on Linux/Mac and the default temp dir on Windows.

This enables portable Electron apps to ensure crash report details are stored in the location they configure.

  • Update specs
  • Update CrashReporter to an ES6 class and clean up CoffeeScript leftovers
  • Update docs
  • Manually test on macOS
  • Manually test on Linux
  • Manually test on Windows

Closes #7399

@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki changed the title from Store crash reports in configured temp dir to [WIP] Store crash reports in configured temp dir Oct 5, 2016
kevinsawicki added some commits Oct 5, 2016
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Use PathService for temp dir path for crashes ac0658b
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki 🎨 Use ES6 class, destructuring, and let/const f282b51
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Add tests for crash reports in custom temp directory 1afe501
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki DRY up temp directory logging 81733a5
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Mention crash report locations eafc694
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Remove unused rimraf spec dependency 773bfea
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Fix Linux compiler errors 69a7025
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Set productName in main process on Linux b3b856f
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Use app.getPath directly for temp path a0db484
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Add missing temp_dir arg to override 76abb2e
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Use valid Linux report id 56d9ce3
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Support calling getUploadedReports on unstarted crash reporter 43702e0
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Remove directory assert 2fbb98a
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Pass crashes directory to crash service process 0380d3a
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki temp_path -> temp_dir 883c4b6
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Use FilePath for crash reporter temp directory 9d1d1f2
@kevinsawicki @kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Fix Windows compiler errors
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Only call UTF8ToUTF16 on Windows
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Wait for crash report to become available
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Sort includes f61ace7
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Add getPath specs fbbffe0
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki changed the title from [WIP] Store crash reports in configured temp dir to Store crash reports in configured temp dir Oct 6, 2016
kevinsawicki added some commits Oct 6, 2016
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Guard against app.getPath throwing with OS fallback
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Pass crashes directory instead of product name and temp dir
zcbenz commented Oct 10, 2016


@zcbenz zcbenz merged commit 91591f3 into master Oct 10, 2016

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@zcbenz zcbenz deleted the store-crashes-in-configured-temp-dir branch Oct 10, 2016
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