@zcbenz zcbenz released this Jul 16, 2015 · 16209 commits to master since this release

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  • Breaking change: All protocol APIs are now asynchronous.
  • Add cancelId option for dialog.showMessageBox.
  • Add app.getAppPath API.
  • Add clipboard.write API which allows writing multiple types of data at the same time.
  • Add session.clearCache and session.clearStorageData APIs.
  • Add support for --proxy-pac-url command line switch.
  • Fix relative urls not working in window.open.
  • Fix close event of WebContents and <webview> tag not working.
  • Fix the window.global variable exposed in web page when node integration is off.
  • Fix handling trailing slash in asar package.
  • Fix cookies not showing in Network panel of devtools.
  • Fix accept attribute of <input> tag not working.
  • Remember the last opened directory of <input> tag.
  • Allow showing insecure content when web-security option is false.

Windows and Linux

  • Make dialog.showMessageBox use native dialogs on Windows and Linux.
  • Use Shift+Ctrl+I for toggling devtools by default on Windows and Linux.


  • Fix crash on quit when using dialog APIs.