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@zcbenz zcbenz released this Dec 4, 2015 · 15186 commits to master since this release


  • Add menu parameter for Tray.popUpContextMenu API.
  • Add downloadURL method for WebContents and <webview>.
  • Allow toggling asar support in Node's built-in modules with process.noAsar.
  • Disable CORS for custom protocols.
  • Fix crash when calling loadURL in the did-fail-load event.
  • Fix crash when closing window in the page-title-updated event.
  • Fix recursive call when using downloadItem.hasUserGesture.
  • Fix crash caused by race condition on exit when using protocol module.
  • Fix not respecting the features string.


  • Fix crash on exit when there are heavy Node tasks.
  • Fix child_process.execFile not working for files in asar archive.


  • Build with OS X 10.10 SDK.
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