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@zcbenz zcbenz released this Dec 25, 2015 · 14886 commits to master since this release


  • Add did-change-theme-color event to WebContents and <webview>.
  • Add media-started-playing and media-paused events to WebContents and <webview>.
  • Add findInPage method to WebContents and <webview>.
  • Fix form redirect not working.
  • Fix credentials: 'include' being added to service worker's headers.
  • Fix in page navigations in sub-frames causing full page refresh.
  • Fix wrong document.hidden and document.visibilityState values when window is minimized.
  • Fix crash when using webRequest API.
  • Fix webRequest.onBeforeSendHeaders not removing existing headers.


  • Remove the notification from notification center when is clicked or cancelled.
  • Fix app menu not showing after calling
  • Fix fullscreen mode for BrowserWindow with hidden-inset of titleBarStyle.
  • Fix shell.openExternal not working with URLs containing valid URL special characters.


  • Load libnotify dynamically instead of linking with the library.
  • Fix pressing Alt not toggling window menu bar.


  • Fix shell.moveItemToTrash not working on Windows 7.
  • Fix showing notification when icon is inside asar archive or the icon's URL is not file:// scheme.
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