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@zcbenz zcbenz released this Feb 19, 2016 · 14528 commits to master since this release


  • Link with ffmpeg dynamically.
  • Provide prebuilt binaries of ffmpeg which do not include proprietary codecs.
  • Improve error message when there is invalid parameter passed to Electron API.
  • Emit did-fail-load event when invalid URL is passed to BrowserWindow.loadURL.
  • Launch URL or HTML file directly in default app.
  • Add cursor-changed event to WebContents.
  • Add Session.setPermissionRequestHandler(handler) API.
  • Add Session.clearHostResolverCache(callback) API.
  • Add readRtf and writeRtf methods to clipboard module.
  • Fix crash when calling methods of downloadItem in will-download handler when event.preventDefault is called.
  • Fix crash when calling WebContents.endFrameSubscription() while there are pending frames.
  • Fix the exit event of process object not reliable in renderer process.
  • Fix BrowserWindow.getNativeWindowHandle() returning corrupted buffer.


  • Fix methods of autoUpdater not accessible in remote module.


  • Add and app.hide APIs.
  • Fix icon not working in dialog.showMessageBox(options).
  • Fix Command + ~ not switching windows sometimes.


  • Don't drop capabilities in renderer process.
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