@zcbenz zcbenz released this Jun 1, 2016 · 11544 commits to master since this release

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  • Set default mime type if mimeType is not defined in the handler of protocol.registerBufferJob API. #5711
  • Add app.releaseSingleInstance() API. #5720
  • Add select-bluetooth-device event to WebContents. #5781
  • Fix support for DevTools Extensions. #5711
  • Fix node integration and preload script not working when webSecurity: false is set. #5768
  • Fix protocol.registerHttpProtocol not working when the target URL redirects. #5753
  • Fix objects without prototype can not be passed in remote module. #5736
  • Fix print() method not available for the window returned by window.open. #5737
  • Fix WebBluetooth not working. #5781


  • Fix node processes unable to print output to console. #5776
  • Fix fullscreen: false option also setting fullscreenable: false in BrowserWindow. #5718
  • Fix using wrong icon size for Windows taskbar. #5763
  • Fix window icon reverting to default after hiding and showing the window. #5782


  • Fix menu appearing on wrong monitor. #5726
  • Fix crash caused by calling BrowserWindow.setAspectRatio(0) #5734