@electron-bot electron-bot released this May 1, 2017 · 6336 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue where the default app could render incorrectly depending
    on the path Electron was installed into. #9249
  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue where certain built-in window APIs like alert, confirm,
    open, history.go, and postMessage would throw errors in the main process
    instead of the renderer processes when the arguments were invalid. #9252
  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue where chrome-devtools: URLs would incorrectly override certain window options. #9278
  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue where certain valid frame names passed to window.open would
    throw errors in the main process. #9287
  • Fixed a memory leak in windows that have the sandbox option enabled. #9314
  • Fixed a crash when closing a window from within the callback to certain
    emitted events. #9113
  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue when using postMessage across windows where the
    targetOrigin parameter was not correctly compared against the source
    origin. #9301
  • Fixed a debugger crash that would occur parsing certain protocol messages.
  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue where specifying webPreferences in the features parameter
    to window.open would throw an error in the main process. #9289


  • Fixed an issue where the Error emitted on autoUpdater error events
    would be missing the message and stack properties when serialized to JSON
    or sent over IPC. #9255

API Changes

  • The module search path used by require is now set to the application root
    for non-file: URLs such as about:blank. #9095
  • [SECURITY] The javascript option is now disabled in windows opened from a window that
    already has it disabled, similar to the nodeIntegration option. #9250


  • sheet-begin and sheet-end events are now emitted by BrowserWindow
    instances when dialog sheets are presented/dismissed. #9108


  • A session-end event is now emitted by BrowserWindow instances when the
    OS session is ending. #9254