@electron-bot electron-bot released this May 16, 2017 · 5415 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when launching with the --debug or --debug-brk
    command line flags. #9436
  • Fixed several issues with the electron.d.ts TypeScript definition file.
  • Popup windows and <webview> tags are now supported by the offscreen
    rendering option. #8839
  • Fixed an issue where service worker scripts would not load when using
    protocol.interceptBufferProtocol. #9360

API Changes

  • Added support for using Chrome's default implementation
    via the nativeWindowOpen option to the BrowserWindow constructor. #8963
  • Added a will-prevent-unload event to webContents that can be used to
    prevent a page from preventing the unload of a page. #9331
  • Added support for specifying the maximum disk space used by the cache
    via the --disk-cache-size Chrome option. #9435
  • Added a webContents.getOSProcessId() API to get the operating system
    pid for a renderer process. #9222