@electron-bot electron-bot released this Jun 28, 2017 · 4914 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • The --inspect and --inspect-brk flags are now supported when spawning
    child node processes. #9739
  • Removed internal use of the deprecated node Buffer constructor and instead
    used Buffer.from. #9733
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs would zoom incorrectly. #9700
  • Fixed an issue where window visibility events may not have been
    triggered correctly in <webview> pages. #9741
  • Fixed an exception being thrown when floating-point numbers were passed to
    webContents.printToPDF as the pageSize height or width. #9396
  • Fixed a crash when using the file chooser from a BrowserView. #9828


  • Fixed an issue where the tray icon would not display on Ubuntu 17.04. #9716


  • Fixed an issue where the wrong file extension would display in the save dialog
    when filters were used. #9610
  • Fixed an issue where the title bar would incorrectly display in frameless
    windows on 10.13 (High Sierra). #9798


  • Fixed an issue where windows would become unresponsive if started initially
    as fullscreen and then made non-fullscreen. #9645

API Changes

  • The crash reporter now accepts server responses in the range 200 - 299.
    Previously it only accepted a 200 response. #9738
  • dialog.showSaveDialog now shows the last selected directory when the
    defaultPath is not absolute. #9588
  • Added an experimental webContents.setIgnoreMenuShortcuts(ignore) API to
    ignore menu keyboard shortcuts for a specific page.
  • Added an experimental app.enableMixedSandbox() API that adds the
    --enable-sandbox flag to any BrowserWindow instances or <webview> tags
    created with the sandbox: true option.
  • Added several additional keyboard shortcuts to the integrated PDF viewer.


  • A new-window-for-tab event is now emitted on app when the native
    new tab button is pressed. #9725
  • Menu accelerators are now displayed with the shift indicator instead of
    their shifted character equivalents. For example, CommandOrControl+Shift+1
    will now display in the menu as ⇧⌘1 instead of ⌘!. #9743
  • Added support for button notification actions. #9837
  • Tray instances now emit mouse-enter and mouse-leave events. #9760


  • The Visual C++ runtime is now dynamic linked instead of statically linked.