@electron-bot electron-bot released this Jul 17, 2017 · 4286 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue where windows using nativeWindowOpen could
    lose their configured webContents options when navigating URLs. #9972
  • Fixed an issue where the dev tools did not open when using mixed sandbox
    mode. #9983
  • Fixed an issue where the native dialogs did not allow any file to be selected
    from <input> elements using accept attributes. #9745
  • Fixed an issue where dev tool extension content scripts were not ignoring
    the fragment when matching against the page URL. #9953
  • Fixed an issue where calling show() on a modal window would cause the
    parent window to not be re-enabled when the modal was closed. #9962


  • Fixed an issue where the IME did not properly input certain characters. #9709
  • Fixed an issue where alwaysOnTop windows would not reappear correctly
    after being restored from a miniaturized position. #9695


  • Fixed Tray objects not properly dispatching a click event when the first
    subitem was selected. #9967

API Changes

  • Added a app.disableDomainBlockingFor3DAPIs() API to disable the Chrome
    behavior of disabling 3D APIs for domains where the GPU process crashes
    too frequently. #10003
  • The new-window event now supports configuring the webPreferences of
    the window being opened from a window using the sandbox or
    nativeWindowOpen options. #9972


  • A subtitle option is now supported when creating notifications. #9903
  • Added a fullscreenWindowTitle option to the BrowserWindow constructor
    to show the window title when in fullscreen for windows using a custom
    titleBarStyle. #9788