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@electron-bot electron-bot released this Mar 20, 2018 · 248 commits to 2-0-x since this release

Note: This is a beta release. Please file new issues for any bugs you find in it.

This release is published to npm under the beta tag and can be installed via npm install electron@beta, or npm i electron@2.0.0-beta.5.

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • 🔧 Fix security warning. #12313

  • Fix AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'required'. #12307

  • net: change mime type deduction in Change URLRequestAsarJob (#12319). #12333

  • Backport (2-0-x) - Better GTK+ Menu color support. #12331

  • Backport (2-0-x) - Check menu.popup options are an object. #12330

  • Backport (2-0-x) - Update CI to use Node.js 8. #12353

  • Backport (2-0-x) - Remove the race condition between new process creation and context release. #12361

  • Backport (2-0-x) - Update draggable regions when changing BrowserView. #12370

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