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@electron-bot electron-bot released this Apr 24, 2019 · 7 commits to 4-1-x since this release

Release Notes for v4.1.5


    • Added support for the new Japanese Era Reiwa (令和) to JavaScript date/time formatting APIs.
  • Updated ICU library to version 62.2
  • Updated IANA time zone data to tzdata2019a. #17833
  • Added missing module name to the exception message thrown when require fails in sandboxed renderers. #17704
  • Back-ported additional fix for font rendering in MacOS Mojave. #17737
  • Fixed 'loaded' event not being emitted in sandboxed renderers. #17807
  • Fixed crash when manually dismissing notifications before quit on macOS. #17821
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior where modifying the buffer would change nativeImage pixels, while decoded PNG / JPEG data is a copy. #17862
  • Fixed session preload scripts not being executed in sandboxed renderers. #17875
  • Fixed the "rc4" cipher (#16214) (4.1.x). #17873

Other Changes

  • Removed unused Vulkan libraries from bundle. #17789


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