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@electron-bot electron-bot released this Jun 7, 2019 · 41 commits to 5-0-x since this release

Release Notes for v5.0.3


  • Fixed an issue whereby minimizable and closable weren't respected in customButtonsOnHover mode. #18485
  • Removed incorrectly published internal V8 symbols and CRT methods from node.lib, causing heap corruptions with node modules using the dynamic CRT on Windows. #18620
  • Using webContents.sendInputEvent to send a WebMouseWheelEvent now has the expected effect. #18495

Other Changes

  • Fixed size increase regression on Linux (compared to Electron 3) by stripping swiftshader libraries (, #18601
  • Removed Vulkan mock ICD from, which is only meant to be used for Chromium development. #18595
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