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@electron-bot electron-bot released this Mar 6, 2020 · 41 commits to 8-x-y since this release

Release Notes for v8.1.0


  • Added ability to set and get title bar traffic light position on the fly (macOS). #22564
  • Added new spellcheck-dictionary-* events on the `session module to help track and debug dictionary initialization. #22558
  • Allow some NODE_OPTIONs in packaged apps. #22539


  • Fixed process.getProcessMemoryInfo() return wrong private value on macOS. #22496
  • Fixed a potential crash on devices which had not connected any printers to their network. #22518
  • Fixed an occasional segfault with modal windows being closed or destroyed. #22481
  • Fixed issue where repositioned traffic lights would be in the wrong position after the user switches OS theme. #22559
  • Fixed some properties not working in webview tags. #22510
  • MacOS VoiceOver is now able to find its way back into web contents after it navigated "out" of an application. #22470
  • Removed assurance of object identity equality from the contextBridge as it is incapable of handling mutations. #22557
  • Updating the document title while in fullscreen with custom traffic light positions no longer makes the traffic lights invisible. #22508

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 80.0.3987.137. #22548
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