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@github-actions github-actions released this Jul 30, 2021 · 29 commits to master since this release

Electron Fiddle v0.26.0 features a bunch of bug fixes and minor new features, as well as internal refactors that鈥檒l make Fiddle less error-prone, more stable, and sometimes even a little faster.

755 additions and 816 deletions, thanks to our amazing contributors!


:electron: Upgrade Electron to 12.0.14
Electron 15 will have alpha releases, don鈥檛 break (#764)
Add OS version + arch info to --log-config (#792)
Allow copying current version number (#795)
Before exiting, log the exit code (#798)
Add option to disable output timestamps (#796)
馃殼 Performance: Prefer getKnownVersions() over getElectronVersions() (#781)
馃殼 Performance: Faster version tests (#791)
馃悰 Fix: Cannot read property 鈥榮et鈥 of undefined (#772)
馃悰 Fix: EditorMosaic safeguard against unwanted files (#769)
馃摑 Docs: Update number of supported versions to reflect release cadence migration (#773)
馃悰 Fix: Second handler for GET_APP_PATHS error dialog (#767)
馃悰 Fix: Publishing gists with empty files to Github (#777)
馃悰 Fix: Editors sometimes disappear when loading new fiddle (#775)
馃悰 Fix: Sorting for non-numeric queries (#786)
馃悰 Fix: handle invalid monaco editor command (#787)
馃悰 Fix: Output console regenerating monaco editor upon output update (#780)
馃悰 Fix: Proper release sorting in get-version-range (#797)
馃悰 Fix: Handle missing local version binaries (#807)
馃悰 Fix: Context menu goto and peek definition (#808)


鈾伙笍 Replace decomment with strip-comments (#762)
鈾伙笍 Remove Sync() calls from readFiddle() (#761)聽
鈾伙笍 Remove EditorMosaicMock; use EditorMosaic (#779)
鈾伙笍 Refactor: default to latest stable version (#783)
鈾伙笍 Refactor: replace decompress with extract-zip (#793)
鈾伙笍 Refactor: merge version sorting logic (#802)
鈾伙笍 Refactor: extract-method Runner.buildChildEnvVars (#809)聽
馃彈锔 Build: better fetch releases (#782)聽
馃彈锔 Build: Update tar (#811)
馃彈锔 Build: Bump forge dependency (#813)

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