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Administrative Working Group

The Administrative Working Group (AWG) oversees the entire governance and project.

AWG members should consist of folks who manage a substantial investment in the project. To avoid the AWG becoming the superpower group, members should not participate in other technical working groups. The initial group members consist of management from GitHub, Microsoft, and Slack whose teams contain full-time Electron contributors.

In order to have a balance of voices, the group should also seek to add a representative from the rest of governance, and a non-governance member who can represent the community at-large.

The AWG should not make individual technical decisions. It is important that other working groups have autonomy and agency to fulfill their responsibilities.


Avatar Name Role Time Zone
@groundwater Jacob Groundwater @groundwater Member PT (San Francisco)
@molant Antón Molleda @molant Chair PST (Seattle)
@felixrieseberg Felix Rieseberg @felixrieseberg Member PT (San Francisco)
Governance Representative Member
Community Representative Member

The Governance Representative is decided by the other working groups. They can be replaced any time, at the discretion of the other working groups.

The Community Representative is a non-governance person. The process for electing this person has not yet been defined.

Meeting Schedule

Next sync meeting Nov 7, 2019 8 AM PST