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Releases WG

Oversees all release branches, and tooling to support releases.


Avatar Name Role Time Zone
@codebytere Shelley Vohr @codebytere Chair CET (Berlin)
@jkleinsc John Kleinschmidt @jkleinsc Member ET (Harrisburg)
@ckerr Charles Kerr @ckerr Member CT (New Orleans)
@vertedinde Keeley Hammond @VerteDinde Member PT (Portland)
@deepak1556 Deepak Mohan @deepak1556 Member PT (Vancouver)
@sofianguy Sofia Nguy @sofianguy Member PT (San Francisco)
@zcbenz Cheng Zhao @zcbenz Member JST (Nagoya)
@marshallofsound Samuel Attard @MarshallOfSound Member PT (Vancouver)
@mlaurencin Michaela Laurencin @mlaurencin Member PT (Seattle)
@clavin Calvin Watford @clavin Member MT (Salt Lake City)

Current Objective and Key Results

Objective: Save expensive human time by offloading work to inexpensive computers.

Key Results:

  • Reduce time-to-first-green, and time-to-all-greens in development.
  • Reduce number of times tests need to be re-run.
  • Reduce time to generate and deploy release builds.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Releasing Electron according to schedule
  • Release timeline coordination
    • When to cut new branches for major release lines (e.g. 11-x-y)
    • Planning beta cycles, timelines, etc.
    • Listening and responding to feedback
  • Management of Heroku apps for associated repositories
  • Triaging issues and organizing beta stabilization issues for discussion.
  • Determining which features are allowed to be backported to release lines.

Leadership Responsibilities

In addition to responsibilities outlined in the Charter, a Chair of the Releases Working Group should:

  • Run regular release audits for supported branches using unreleased.
    • Check for unmerged backports and pull requests needing manual (non-trop) backports to release branches.
  • Ensure releases are run for supported branches passing the pre-set unreleased commit threshold.
  • Ensure relevant PRs are being backported to necessary branches, and that original PR openers are opening manual backports for those that trop is unable to handle itself.

Associated Repositories


Rules for Membership

In order to join the Releases Working Group, an aspiring member must:

  1. Attend three consecutive meetings
  2. Request entry into Releases Working Group by asking the current Chair
  3. Obtain consensus approval by vote of existing membership during a portion of a meeting which the requester shall not attend.

WG Removal Policy

If a sitting member of the WG has not been active in a meaningful way for at least one month, the WG may vote to remove them from its set of sitting members.

This is done primarily to ensure that there are no open avenues of compromise for the project given that the Releases WG confers notable permissions.

Meeting Schedule

  • Sync Meeting 1 hour every Wednesday at 23:00 UTC

Meeting notes may be viewed in meeting-notes.

Current Objective and Key Results


Reduce frustrations of major app consumers

Key Results:

  • Lower the number of regressions experienced in major release lines.
  • Reduce time to discovering regressions in major release lines.
  • Increase number of apps testing against the major release line in beta.
  • Improved quality and quantity of communication around release-related information.


Save expensive humans time

Key Results:

  • Make a person’s worth of time appear.