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Oversees public API design based on project principles.


Avatar Name Role Time Zone
@codebytere Shelley Vohr @codebytere Chair PT (San Francisco)
@loc Andy Locascio @loc Member PT (San Francisco)
@ckerr Charles Kerr @ckerr Member CT (New Orleans)
@erikmellum Erik Mellum @erikmellum Member PT (Chico)
@nornagon Jeremy Apthorp @nornagon Member PT (San Francisco)
@jkleinsc John Kleinschmidt @jkleinsc Member ET (Harrisburg)
@VerteDinde Keeley Hammond @VerteDinde Member PT (Portland)
@miniak Milan Burda @miniak Member CET (Prague)
@marshallofsound Samuel Attard @MarshallOfSound Member PT (Vancouver)
@itsananderson Will Anderson @itsananderson Member PT (Seattle)

Areas of Responsibility

  • Define the process for which API changes are reviewed and approved.
  • Create initiatives to develop/modify/change API implementations.
  • Increase participation with web standards groups.

Associated Repositories

  • electron/electron

Meeting Schedule

  • Biweekly Rotating Times:

Meeting notes may be viewed in meeting-notes.

Joining the API WG

In order to become formal members of the WG, prospective members must:

  1. be actively contributing to the work of the WG,
  2. attend 2 out of 4 consecutive meetings, and
  3. be approved by a 2/3rds majority of current WG members (rounded up).
    1. The prospective member shall leave the meeting during the deliberation and vote.
    2. The meeting notes shall contain only the outcome of the vote (approved/not approved), not the individual votes.
    3. Members not able to attend the meeting at which the vote occurs may submit their vote to the Chair prior to the meeting.

If you're interested in joining the API Working Group, reach out to an existing member and ask to be invited to the regular meeting and as a guest to the #wg-api channel in Slack.

Actively contributing

"Actively contributing" doesn't necessarily mean writing code. It does mean that you should be in regular communication with the API WG (including attending meetings), and it does mean that you should be materially contributing to the project in some way. If you're not sure whether the work you're doing counts as "materially contributing", reach out to a member and ask. 🙂


The API WG currently meets at alternating times to accommodate the timezone constraints of the members.

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