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Outreach WG

Grows the Electron community


Avatar Name Role Time Zone
@sofianguy Sofia Nguy @sofianguy Chair PT (San Francisco)
@ckerr Charles Kerr @ckerr Member CT (New Orleans)
@cruzerld David Cruz @cruzerld Member CT (Austin)
@felixrieseberg Felix Rieseberg @felixrieseberg Member PT (San Francisco)
@jdalton John-David Dalton @jdalton Member PT (Seattle)
@BinaryMuse Michelle Tilley @BinaryMuse Member PT (San Francisco)
@marshallofsound Samuel Attard @MarshallOfSound Member PT (Vancouver)
@tonyganch Tony Ganch @tonyganch Member CET (Prague)

Areas of Responsibility

  • Onboarding for new members
  • Reaching out to companies
  • Developer Evangelism / Developer Relations / Developer Advocate
  • Reaching out to Electron communities
  • Electron meetup events

Meeting Schedule

  • Sync Meeting 60 min meeting every other Monday @ 17:00 UTC

Meeting notes may be viewed in meeting-notes.

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