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Releases WG

Oversees all release branches, and tooling to support releases.


Avatar Name Role Time Zone
@codebytere Shelley Vohr @codebytere Chair PT (San Francisco)
@ckerr Charles Kerr @ckerr Member CT (New Orleans)
@binarymuse Michelle Tilley @BinaryMuse Member PT (San Francisco)
@marshallofsound Samuel Attard @MarshallOfSound Member PT (Vancouver)
@deepak1556 Deepak Mohan @deepak1556 Member ?
@jkleinsc John Kleinschmidt @jkleinsc Member ET (Harrisburg)
@sofianguy Sofia Nguy @sofianguy Member PT (San Francisco)

Areas of Responsibility

  • Releasing Electron according to schedule
  • Release timeline coordination
    • When to cut new branches for major and minor release lines (e.g. v3.0 -> v3.1)
    • Planning beta cycles, timelines, etc.
    • Listening and responding to feedback
  • Management of Heroku apps for associated repositories

Associated Repositories


Rules for Membership

  1. Attend three consecutive meetings
  2. Request entry into Releases Working Group by asking the current Chair
  3. Entry request is voted on at a subsequent meeting, during a portion of the meeting which the requester shall not attend
  4. Record outcome

Meeting Schedule

  • Sync Meeting 45 min every Wednesday at 23:00 UTC
  • Major Release Cadence Meeting 1 hour every Thursday at 00:00AM UTC

Meeting notes may be viewed in meeting-notes.

Feature Backport Requests for Major Versions in Beta

With our 12-week major release cadence, we are not considering feature backport requests after Week 3 of each beta cycle. Backport requests after Week 3 will only be considered if there is a very good reason. For backport requests please submit the link to the PR and reason for backport to the Releases WG agenda for consideration.

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