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Website WG

Oversees the technical implementation, design, and style of the Electron website and associated tooling.


Avatar Name Role Time Zone
@kilian Kilian Valkhof @kilian Chair CET (Netherlands)
@ckerr Charles Kerr @ckerr Member CT (New Orleans)
@HashimotoYT Vlad Hashimoto @HashimotoYT Member ???
@zeke Zeke Sikelianos @zeke Member PT

Areas of Responsibility

  • Implementation and design of the Electron website
  • Management of Heroku apps for the site and associated repositories
  • Management of the Algolia search tooling
  • Management of translations via Crowdin

Associated Repositories

Meeting Schedule

Sync Meeting 30min every other Thursday @ 16:00 UTC

Meeting notes may be viewed in meeting-notes.

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