Shared library build of Chromium’s Content module
Python Shell PowerShell


Automatically builds and provides prebuilt binaries of the Chromium Content module and all its dependencies (e.g., Blink, V8, etc.).



One-time setup

$ script/bootstrap


$ script/update -t x64
$ script/build -t x64

Updating project files

If you switch to a different Chromium release, or modify files inside the chromiumcontent directory, you should run:

$ script/update

This will regenerate all the project files. Then you can build again.

Building for ARM target

TODO: This section may be out of date, needs review

$ ./script/bootstrap
$ ./script/update -t arm
$ cd vendor/chromium/src
$ ./build/ --arm
$ ./chrome/installer/linux/sysroot_scripts/ --arch=arm
$ cd -
$ ./script/build -t arm