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I am opening dialog in my app like this:

const path = dialog.showOpenDialog(remote.getCurrentWindow(), {
      title: i18n.t("Where do you want to save it?"),
      properties: ['openDirectory', 'createDirectory']

And I cannot find way to select directory in tests. I tried using webdriverio's keys with no luck. I thought that maybe electron creates second window and that's why I can't interact with it but by using client.getWindowCount() it founds only 1 window. Any ideas?


Any ideas?

I don't think dialogs can be tested well yet via ChromeDriver and Spectron. Will look into this further.

remss commented May 31, 2016

Same issue with dialog.showMessageBox

davej commented Jun 27, 2016

Also encountered this. Got around it with a super-simple mock version of dialog that is used when the application is started with a test ENV. It works ok but it's very messy.

davej commented Jul 25, 2016

See #94 for a somewhat graceful way of mocking dialogs for the moment.

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