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3D files for some common molecules (29 total)
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3D files for some common molecules (29 total)

This repo have pdb, x3d, blend and fbx files for each molecule (I lost pdb & x3d files for 2 molecules so they only have 27 files)

filenames.txt contains the name of all the molecules

Elements in these molecules is color coded, colors.txt files contains info about which color represents which molecules


I used these files in a fun little side project MolView

What are these files

These 3D models represent actual structure of molecule because these are created using pdb files

pdb(protein data bank) files

These are the files used to represent a molecule's structure

I downloaded these from PDB(protein data bank)

x3d files

x3d files are generated from pdb files by using jmol

Open pdb files in jmol and then export it as x3d

blend files

These files are blender files

Created using importing x3d and doing some cleanup(Join elements, reduce triangle count, rename materials)

These can be edited using blender

fbx files

These files are exported from blend files(using blender obviously)

Can be used/Viewed in Windows 10 Model View(3D View) Application


The content of this project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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