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First Release of the Electroneum Classic Wallet GUI Project:

8699215db866839810751c7a0c211223eb4f758457e8601af5c0daf1cc23e426If you Ubuntu showing you can use the shared libraries of QT, please install the qt library by following command before run sudo ./
sudo apt install qtbase5-dev qt5-default qtdeclarative5-dev qml-module-qtquick-controls qml-module-qtquick-controls2 qml-module-qtquick-dialogs qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel qml-module-qt-labs-settings qml-module-qt-labs-folderlistmodel qttools5-dev-tools libreadline-dev qml-module-qtwebengine
If your mac showing a error that request for libboost library, please install homebrew and run brew install boost at terminal

The ETNC donation address for this wallet gui project is: etncwvsWG1XDL6KWiFr6JXSGfrpZiQ4MMAS2XE9qW1Zx94GHEcvR5DQLSsmJHHa7fx3uASctBXKCaSvLnEu3spy8Y2n6cuqpU6U