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littleBits extension for Scratch 2.0 OFFLINE, thanks

Connect littleBits to Scratch 2 Stand Alone.

Must have


  1. Attach a power bit to the Arduino bit
  2. Connect the Arduino bit to the computer via USB cable
  3. Turn on the power bit
  4. Upload the littleBits_Scratch2.ino using the Arduino IDE. (Full instructions here:
  5. Open the on OSX.
  6. (If using the skip this step) Execute with java -jar scratch2LittleBits.jar
  7. Open Scratch 2.0 offline pulse SHIFT key and File and Import experimental HTTP extension
  8. Choose the scratch2LittleBitsDEF.json
  9. Now you can access the littleBit blocks in the "More Blocks" tab