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@rparolin rparolin released this Nov 3, 2018 · 56 commits to master since this release

  • vector_map fixes for that allow std::variant and other container types.
  • MSVC permissive- mode fixes for std::fill algorithms.
  • CMake scripts migrating to C++17 for Github builds.
  • eastl::array now supports compile-time use-cases added to the C++17 standard.
  • Resolving compiler error when using eastl::hash with an enum type.
  • Adding eastl::is_enum_v type_trait.
  • eastl::deque support for move-only types.
  • Resolving eastl::function self-assignment bugs.
  • eastl::tuple supports C++17 structured binding.
  • Fixed eastl::string_view::copy writing out a null-terminator.
  • Added natvis for eastl::optional.
  • Added eastl::is_trivially_assignable_v.
  • Resolved compiler error in eastl::ring_buffer when using eastl::fixed_vector
    as the underlying container type.
  • Migrated all platforms to use std::mutex by default for our shared_ptr atomic implementations.
  • Removed all EASTL_MOVE_SEMANTICS_ENABLED preprocessor branches.
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