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= CAPTCHA validation

This plugin adds the ability to require CAPTCHA[]
validation in your model. It depends on RMagick[] to generate

Right now there are two different challenges in this plugin. There's the familiar, but
inaccessible image with embedded text, and then there's another type of challenge
which involves asking the user a (simple) question to prove he is not a robot. The
latter type is also passable by people with vision impairments, and as a bonus it is
also more lightweight.

= Usage

How to use in your Rails application.

== Install

Put this plugin in your application's <tt>vendor/plugins</tt> directory. This can be done
easily using the <tt>script/plugin</tt> script in your application:

  script/plugin install

If your app is in Subversion you may want to include an -x to associate the plugin with
its original repository so you can <tt>svn up</tt> it later. Also, <strong>note the changed
address for the repository</strong> if you have previously used this plugin.

== Prepare

This plugin assumes it has write access to a directory where a PStore file with the generated
CAPTCHA challenges is stored. This is by default <tt>var/data</tt>. You can create this directory
by running <tt>script/generate captcha store_directory</tt> in your application's root folder.
You should check that your web server's user has write access to this directory.

If you plan to use the image challenges, these will also need to be stored in a server-writable
directory. This is by default <tt>public/images/captcha</tt>. You can create this
directory by running <tt>script/generate captcha image_directory</tt> in your application's
root directory.

Both of these locations can be changed. See FleskPlugins::CaptchaConfig for details.

== Update Model

This step is not necessary if you want to validate the challenge
in your controller. Instructions on how to do that are further down
on the page.

  class MySuperModel < ActiveRecord::Base

== Update View

In your view, put this inside the form for the model that requires CAPTCHA validation:

  <% c = prepare_captcha :type => :image -%>
  <%= captcha_hidden_field c, 'my_super_model' %>
  <%= captcha_image_tag c %>
  <%= captcha_label 'my_super_model', 'Type in the text from the image above' %>
  <%= captcha_text_field 'my_super_model' %>

To use the question challenge instead, do this:

  <% c = prepare_captcha :type => :question -%>
  <%= captcha_hidden_field c, 'my_super_model' %>
  <%= captcha_question_as_label c, 'my_super_model' %>
  <%= captcha_text_field 'my_super_model' %>

See FleskPlugins::Captcha::Helpers for how to customise your view.

== Update Controller

If you want to validate the challenge in your controller, you can
use the +captcha_valid?+ method:

  def save
  	supermodel = MySuperModel.find(params[:id])
  	supermodel.attributes = params[:my_super_model]
  	if captcha_valid?(params[:my_super_model][:captcha_id], params[:my_super_model][:captcha_validation])
  	  flash[:error] = "Are you sure you're human?"

If you want to let the model handle the validation, you need to assign the values from
your form to your model. If you're using some form of mass-assignment, this will
happen automatically:

  def save
    @supermodel = MySuperModel.find(params[:id])
    @supermodel.attributes = params[:my_super_model]

The virtual attributes, +captcha_id+ and +captcha_validation+, are accessible to mass-assignment.
If you're assigning each attribute seperately, you will also have to assign these virtual attributes:

  def save
    @supermodel = MySuperModel.find(params[:id]) = params[:my_super_model][:name]
    @supermodel.description params[:my_super_model][:description]
    @supermodel.captcha_id = params[:my_super_model][:captcha_id]
    @supermodel.captcha_validation = params[:my_super_model][:captcha_validation]

== Restart server

For Rails to use the newly installed plugin, you have to restart the server, even in
development mode. You only have to do this once.

== Contact

You can contact me at toredarell att gmail doot com

== Contributors

* Serge Sozonoff
* Blake Watters
* Manik Juneja
* Joscha Diehl
* Mark Lussier
* Bradford Folkens

== Licence

See MIT-LICENCE (same as Rails; use however you want; if your computer explodes it's not my fault)