Memory Echo is a collective of musicians, artists, electronic music producers
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What is Memory Echo:

Memory Echo started out of a collective of musicians, painters, artists, electronic music producers, digital artists, hardware collaborators, gear heads, deep thinkers, dreamers, DJs and beat makers.

The crew and idea started in California with plans of collaborating to making creative, artistic, music together and organizing inspiring electronic music and events that we would like to go to, digital art and celebrating individual creative work and we have been growing. is a platform to share music and art with friends and fans! Working to be the most creative and inspiring way for musicians to share music and provide an art experience.

Forum / Resources:


  • Add art as a component to m3cho - in progress...
  • Have a public songs area with comments - this is mostly already done
  • Visual and immersive way to share music and art - what the 90s should have delivered...
  • Way to organize compilations for MemoryEcho - tagging done which allows
  • Simple way to send information via text interface
  • Please send more ideas or suggestions


  • Release split records with multiple artists
  • Create unique show idea at various places in the bay area
  • Have monthly get togthers to discuss new ideas
  • Have coding days and more colaboration days
  • Please send what you think should be done
  • Create compilations on regular intervals


  • Have small campout with friends
  • Raise funds for mid size sound system
  • Tea and coffee chillout music events to share tunes with interface
  • Plan a mid size campout or concert
  • Plan regular meetings to discuss ideas and things to do
  • Bring an artist from out of state
  • Bring an artist from out of the country


  • Make something we can all appreciate
  • Promote and create high quality events